A list of resources, books, links, and more for readers of 500 Miles to Go.

How to Purchase a Printed Copy of 500 Miles to Go

Used copies of 500 Miles to Go are easy to find and usually reasonably priced. Here are a few places to look. Keep in mind that the first edition was published in 1961 and an updated second edition was published in 1966. It appears that the first edition was also published in the UK in 1962.

Unless you are outside the U.S. or desire a pristine, collectible copy, there is usually no reason to pay more than about $15, and you can often get it for less.





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Other Books and Publications You Might Enjoy

If you enjoyed 500 Miles to Go you might also enjoy (in no particular order):

The Illustrated History of the Indianapolis 500 (by Jack Fox, World Publishing Co. / Carl Hungness Publishing, multiple editions 1967-95)

Floyd Clymer's Indianapolis 500 History Book (Floyd Clymer Publishing, 1946)

Floyd Clymer's Indianapolis 500 Yearbook (Floyd Clymer Publishing, annually 1946-68)

INDY: Racing Before the 500 (by D. Bruce Scott, Indiana Reflections, 2005)

Indianapolis 500 Chronicles (Publications International, 1998)

Gentlemen Start Your Engines (by Wilbur Shaw, edited/ghosted by Al Bloemker, Coward-McCann, 1955)

Wall Smacker (by Peter DePaolo, DePaolo Publishing, 1935)

Parnelli (by Parnelli Jones with Bill Libby, E.P. Dutton, 1969)

Autocourse Official Illustrated History of the Indianapolis 500 (by Donald Davidson and Rick Schaffer, Crash Media Group, 2006)


  1. My Web site is chock full of auto racing primary research – including all the articles written about the “500” and the Speedway during May 1911 and May 1913. I also have all the article about races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909 and 1910.

  2. On the eve of the 100th 500 , I was lucky come across this website while looking for the song played on the 1956 legends of the brickyard film. Awesome book so far! In my years of being an Indycar fan , I never had heard of this book. Thanks so much, and I’ll be turning my fellow 500 fanatics on to it! Great work!

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